Data Consulting Service

Technobunnies offers data consulting services. By looking after your data, we provide statistical analyses, data visualisation and data cleaning services. As demonstrated by our past client list, we are able to assist commercial clients, NPOs, private individuals or academics. As a registered vendor for UCT,  postgraduate students, researchers and departments…

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Audio Version of Preliminary Summary report

<Placeholder> audio file link goes here Related posts: TEDI Report Technobunnies temporarily took on various tasks that would nomally be… TEDI with a focus on referencing A recent project with TEDI utilized a number of communication… Infographic for TEDI Communicating by Infographic For the TEDI project, an infographic was required…

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Wee don’t flush

If it's wee let it be

Cape Town, it is time to let necessity rather than nicety guide your actions. Join the “wee don’t flush” campaign and together we can make it to the next rains without seeing the taps run dry. Share this infographic or print this sign for your work toilet door. For the…

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Rockets through Space

Newton's Laws of Motion

There is a meme alive in the science education system and it must go. The meme is that rocket motion is best explained using Newton’s 3rd law. I will offer this infographic to NASA as their offering for Newton’s laws is just a little too dry, and to the first,…

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Thanks to those wonderful artists that have improved our world. Each article or infographic may contain work by graphic artists who deserve recognition. Landing Page University: graduation by Dinosoft Labs from the Noun Project NGOs: NGO Office  By OCHA Visual, US In the OCHA Humanitarian Icons Collection Commercial: analyse by Mahesh Keshvala from the Noun…

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