Are you data rich / information poor?

Turning data into information is a key component to what we do. We call it “making data talk”. Whether you are AB testing, examining trends or simply creating reports internally. We have the statistical background to provide robust analyses.

In many circumstances, a business simply needs to visualize its data; using pivot tables or dashboards such as Power BI. Having a (responsive) handle on your information is key to accessing what it can tell you.

Data is the key to any business you need to have instant access to:

  • your customers
  • your competitors
  • your stock
  • your sales

For many businesses their data IS the business:

Technobunnies can help you clean, hold, shape, query and analyse your data. Whether you need dashboards, user input forms, macros, system design or simply to use your spreadsheet tools to their full effect.

We prioritise solutions for you using the technologies you already have. Most businesses have already paid for Microsoft Office- so use Excel or Access, they are versatile and customizable and it is easy to train your staff to expand their repertoire because they already have exposure to the software.

Want to see some real world examples? Check out this simple demonstration of how to begin validating data.

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