Private Clients

The technobunnies data analyses service started from an impulse to support people who were struggling to access competent assistance with their statistics. This arose from personal experience on the part of the founder whilst undertaking a PhD. It is data analysis that remains the most commonly sought service by private clients. Even in a stack overflow-supported world, it is not easy to transition from stats novice to writing up your analyses.

By its nature, supporting a client in something they do not have the skills to do in a personal way is a time heavy enterprise. Despite that, the model is efficient, with most clients paying less than R10,000. If you are interested in such assistance first read this article on the typical life-cycle of a data project.

Technobunnies assist private clients, well privately, which is why there is no showcase here. Any client, commercial or individual is welcome to request a private service.

Most private data clients find us through this UCT link.