Any tool that keeps me in my text editor writing, instead of faffing around with layout is a win in my book.

The future is here and it is markdown.

In my opinion Syntax is a pain in the ass. Some people are good, perfection flows from their finger tips. I am more the “need to be reminded to try for perfect” type. Syntax errors feel like a constant nudge from someone whilst you are trying to concentrate on something more important.

A great example of the “excision of faffing around” that markdown excels at is probably this:

Put the mat out for:


and say farewell to all that fussing around with " and his perfectly-placed friend /.

<a href="">link to site here</a>

Want a header? No wrapper needed:

# H1
## H2
### H3
Need an image? (Sorry you do still need to have " and / around for this one, some details really do matter).
[logo]: "Logo Title"
| Tables    | Are           | Easy    | 
| --------- |:-------------:| ----:   | 
| RHS column is | right-aligned | 10,000  | 
| Middle/Column 2 is | centered      | 10      | 
| laces     | are neat      | 2       |

Colons can be used to align columns. Whilst they may look unconvincing as code, they render well.

Tables Are Cool
RHS Column is right-aligned 10,000
Middle/Column 2 is centered 10
laces are neat 2

You get away with writing less syntax, that is way more reader friendly and a bit of software converts your text into HTML following your gentle hints.

That’s pretty awesome you say? Indeed it is. (quietly, because this is a WordPress site.. yay to markdown and static sites!).


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