Technical writing is the art of communicating a complex topic to a wide audience. This is a core need of many businesses. This is the bespoke service provided by Dr. Bickle.

The core service provided by Technobunnies lies in technical communication. Whether communicating in the form of reports, technical writing, interpreting analyses, or conducting research. All require a keen focus on the intended audience and outcomes of the project.

Initial stages of technical writing may involve research, data analyses, or interviews with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Alternatively, a client may provide work that has already been started which requires review, extension, or redirection.

Editing and Proofing

For a full-service, the writer on any project does not then act as editor or proof. It is this process that ensures Technobunnies’ high standard. The more intelligent minds that pass over the work, the less chance that some error or inconsistency in style will slip through.

It is vital that the editor understand the specifications to the same level as the writer. The final proof, however, is about those little snags that can creep past spell checks and grammar checks. Our proofreader is our goalie, that last line of defense who does not let a shot through.

Technobunnies also provides a SME editing service.

Writing and Editing Projects include:

Report Writing for TEDI

Report Writing for UCT careers service

Article Writing (Long form Blockchain, short form Trenching)

Report Writing for the British Council

Technical Writing Example of Academic Editing
Editing prior to submission of an academic paper

Past Clients Showcase