TEDI with a focus on referencing

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A recent project with TEDI utilized a number of communication skills:

  • article re-writing
  • report writing (interim report available here)
  • infographics
  • data presentation
  • spoken presentation
  • referencing



The focus of this drill-down is referencing. Poor referencing can be the bane of a report, especially as deadlines approach toward the end. There is simply no need to waste time with it in this age of apps. For this project the referencing software identified as the most productive, for no cost, was Mendeley.


Apps that assist

Mendeley is a world-class referencing app. It offers a plug-in for Microsoft Word and does a far better job at managing your citations when referencing a written work than Word’s inbuilt attempt.

Mendeley integration with MS Word as a referencing app.
Mendeley integrates with MS Word to assist you with referencing.

The integration with your browser is intuitive to use. It can pick up a pdf file and save it in your desktop version of Mendeley, in addition to downloading the file so you have a local copy.

Mendeley one click download in chrome to grap references.
Mendeley integrates with Chrome allowing easy downloads of pdf articles.


This is excellent practice if you have a kindle as you now have an eye-friendly copy of the paper that interests you. Moving away from the desktop version, however, leaves you with less functionality. You may add notes to articles as you read, share papers with colleagues and organize articles into folders.

It does everything you would expect of such an app, with the occasional bug. The most annoying I have come across are multiple entries of once reference, where [1] should appear once I have had 15 instances of it: [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1] [1]  … ad nauseam. You have, with luck, all author, publisher, title and date information logged successfully within Mendeley. If you don’t it is simple to edit these entries manually in Mendeley.

The app allows you to select from a range of referencing styles. Therefore at one click [1]  can become “Vora, 2009”. Which neatly appears when you choose to insert the bibliography as Vora, Gautam. 2009. “Cryptocurrencies: Are Disruptive Financial Innovations Here?” Modern Economy 6:816–32. https://doi.org/10.4236/me.2015.67077.

Any academic report or good quality article will provide full references to their sources.



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