Data Management

From stock control, to customer relation management, from sales leads to the data that is your product. How you store your data determines what you can do with it.

Many businesses use MS Excel or MS Access, and sometimes things get out of control. From formula that have gone bust, to that Macro someone wrote for you 15 years ago that sort-of does what you need (but not quite). From user forms to complex relational databases. Technobunnies can assist you in cleaning, shaping and holding your data and put you back in control.

Data Analyses

There is a cross-over between our research and analysis and our data analyses services. The distinction we make is whether you hand us the data (data analyses) or ask us to assist with collecting then analysing the data (research analyses). We can provide you with robust statistical analyses to understand the patterns in your data. You may wish to compare 2 different strategies to assess their effectiveness, a well designed study can reveal much. Whether it is customer behaviour patterns, AB testing or you simply want to know how clean the data is that you have collected, Technobunnies can assist you in analysing your data and put you back in control.

Data Visualization

Many businesses hold large amounts of data that remains underutilized. Dashboards and analytical solutions enable you to monitor, analyze and report on overall project performance in real time, including resource utilization, profit margins, project budgets versus actual and more. We provides dashboards, analytical and reporting services that provide a real-time view into your organization’s performance.

There has never been a better time to visualize your data. We are so lucky to live now, when the tools we have already paid for provide us with so much power. Pivot graphs are simply brilliant. Power BI lets you share your information at a minimal cost, with the world. Even Microsoft Word can provide a decent graph these days. It has never been easier to present your data in a way that everyone can access and understand.

If you don’t have the know how in your office it does not matter, we can come in – set up and train your relevant stakeholders to be able to maintain your reports / dashboard / template / pivot table.