Edge Media

Edge Media is an online-learning provider based in Cape Town. We were contracted to provide a reporting solution:

Data management of Excel held data

Edge process a large volume of exam results for their students. They required a VBA solution to collate this data for reporting purposes. The data structure was non-uniform, a result of different exams having different structures. The final solution provided was one VBA macro which covered all-bar-one case and a second VBA solution to cover the a-typical case. All driven from a simple control sheet with buttons.

Reporting with Pivot Tables

Once the data was collated into one file, averages were calculated (with another small macro) to allow analyses of results. To view the data pivot tables were created and from that, pivot graphs, with slicers so that the average overall performance of each college or average outcomes for each exam could be viewed.

Staff training

With the tools developed to allow past and future data to be quickly collated, a training morning was provided to engage the stakeholders and ensure that they understood the use and dangers of the pivot table. For example, a risk in using any pivot table that takes in averages is that the table can merrily provide averages of averages, which are as useful as a chocolate teapot. The staff were encouraged to engage with the tool and after a week a follow-up training session organised for them to ask specific questions.

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